Collapsed storm drain near Oakland end of Posey Tube

Holly Quan, KCBS Radio

Traffic Nightmare

Oakland pothole leads to major Alameda headaches

Holly Quan
March 19, 2018 - 7:50 am

(KCBS Radio) - A five-foot-deep sinkhole caused by a collapsed storm drain in Oakland is causing a traffic nightmare in Alameda. The sinkhole has forced the closure of one lane of the Posey Tube, leading from Alameda into Oakland.

KCBS reporter Holly Quan is at the scene. She reports Alameda officials are urging residents to do whatever they can to avoid using the Posey Tube until the repairs are completed.

Alameda Mayor Trish Spencer told KCBS she's seeing traffic "on a scale that we don't see during the work week."

Drivers are being urged to divert to any of the bridges that cross the Oakland-Alameda Estuary. AC Transit is planning to re-route a number of runs, including the 19, 20, 51A and O Transbay lines, to avoid the Posey Tube.

Officials expect to blcok ALL eastbound traffic at 10 AM Monday for an unspecified period of time.