Fire (Photo credit: Johann Helgason)

Santa Rosa Fire Investigators Are On The Hunt For an Arsonist

Holly Quan
June 18, 2018 - 10:54 am

SANTA ROSA (KCBS Radio) - With the weather warming up again this week, Santa Rosa arson investigators are busy hunting a possible fire bug. As KCBS reporter Holly Quan reports, over a dozen fires were set along a grassy trail over the weekend. 

After last October's wildfires, everyone is on edge when they smell smoke and that's why some residents along the Santa Rosa Creek trail were knocking on neighbors' doors just around midnight Saturday. That's when the first fire was spotted at Hearn and the railroad tracks.

Over the next two hours, 13 different grass fires broke out prompting a massive response. Santa Rosa Assistant fire marshal Paul Lowenthal.

"Fortunately these were all false small fires." Lowenthal said. "But we don't want whoever this is to continue and into these small fires turn into something much bigger,"

Especially as the weather heats up and we officially mark the start of summer this Thursday...Now Investigators think given the speed and the proximity of the fires, that someone was on a bike, maybe on foot setting fires with a lighter.

After 51 hundred homes burned last Fall, a nervous Laura Loomis of Santa Rosa tells KPIX 5 "Setting a fire here can race right up or down the tracks and set the whole town fire again."