Erica Ramirez talks about the shooting death of her father Miguel Ramirez, a custodian who worked in KCBS Radio's building.

Holly Quan/KCBS Radio

Richmond Police Investigating Rash of Shootings

Stray bullet killed father of three who worked in KCBS Radio buidling

Holly Quan
May 17, 2019 - 2:09 pm

RICHMOND — Richmond police are doubling up their street patrols in hopes of quelling any violence this weekend that may stem from a rash of shootings and homicides this week. One burst of gunfire hit KCBS Radio especially close to home.

Miguel Ramirez, a longtime custodian in the KCBS Radio's San Francisco office was killed by a stray bullet Tuesday night in front of his home.

It was crowded in the kitchen of 56-year-old Ramirez's tiny bungalow. A stack of Costco pizzas was delivered to his daughter, Erica, to feed a stream of family and friends.

Her father was getting the mail Tuesday evening after work when a stray bullet fired from two blocks away struck him in the back of the head. 

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 “It’s not something out of the ordinary,” Erica said. “I always told my dad to be careful because he would walk from BART to here.”

The station is only two blocks from his home, but Richmond has always had a reputation for violence.

“It’s hard to believe one bullet got him,” Erica said. “They were shooting over there, but how come one bullet went straight to him?”

It's a question that shouldn't even have to be asked, said Mayor Tom Butt, who has watched violence ebb and flow in Richmond over 20 years.

“Back when he had 40, 50, 60 homicides a year, these things were happening almost every other day, once a week,” he said. “Now we literally go months without anything happening.”

But the city is now on pace to beat last year's homicide numbers. There have been seven shootings with six victims, including two fatalities, since Sunday. They could be new conflicts. They could be old conflicts. Police will only say they're investigating each shooting separately and looking for connections.

“Geographically, it’s pretty widespread, almost in each one of the districts we’ve had a shooting,” Lt. Matt Stonebraker told KCBS Radio. “We’re investigating each one to find out who the players are.”

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help Miguel's family pay for his funeral. To donate, click here