Doug Sover/KCBS Radio

Drummer Lars Ulrich Rallies Metallica Fans to Fight Hunger

Doug Sovern
May 23, 2019 - 11:49 am

Thousands of metal heads from around the country descended on more than 50 warehouses around the country on Wednesday, rallying to the call of one of the Bay Area’s most famous rock bands. But it wasn’t for a concert, it was to help in the fight against hunger.

Leading the charge was Metallica, and the band’s drummer, Lars Ulrich, who was in San Francisco alongside dozens of his fans at the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank, to load fruit, vegetables and other donated groceries for the needy.

“It warms my Danish heart,” Ulrich said with a laugh, responding to a question about how it feels to see Metallica fans showing up in droves to make a difference. “It makes me super proud. This is one way of showing the rest of the world that everybody that’s part of the Metallica family is doing something to better the world and to change the world.”

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Doug Shafer is one of the members of the “Metallica family” that Ulrich was talking about.

Shafter, a Foster City native, said it felt good to give back and do some volunteer work alongside Ulrich.

“I’ve been a Metallica fan for a long time and I really appreciate what they do and what they’re doing for the community,” said Foster. “I decided to take a day off work and come hang out and give back to the community.”

Ulrich said this action isn’t the limit to what Metallica does to give back to those in need. The band also allocates proceeds from concert tickets to fight hunger.

“We give back. We take two dollars or two euros from every ticket sold and put it into local charitable things. It’s mostly food, but we also work with homeless shelters,” said Ulrich.  

The Metallica drummer tossed oranges into boxes, and instead of pounding his snare and tomtoms, Ulrich beat the drum for more people to volunteer in their community.

“Roll up your sleeves. Get your hands dirty. Get in there and give back,”  said Ulrich. “Get your hands dirty and help out the person next to you.”