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In First 100 Days As Governor, Newsom Made Surprise Moves

Doug Sovern
April 17, 2019 - 10:51 am

In his first 100 days as California's governor, Gavin Newsom has surprised some observers with how he's handled his first three months in office. 

Over and over again during the campaign, Newsom said his focus would be children and families, early childhood education and the homeless crisis. While he's prioritized these issues in his initial budget plan, the big headlines from his early days as the state's chief executive have been from other actions. 

He unexpectedly declared a moratorium on the death penalty, which halted executions in California. Then, Newsom hastily arranged a trip to El Salvador to personally investigate the causes and effects of mass migration at its epicenter. 

These issues were not what Newsom had emphasized during his campaign to succeed Jerry Brown


In interviews with KCBS Radio, Newsom has said there is a lot on his plate. To shape the state's agenda,  he said he may continue producing bold ideas that observers did not expect. 

Elsewhere, Newsom has moved forward with a water tax that would help fund clean water projects in parts of the Central Valley.

Stimulating the production of affordable housing around the state is another project that is just getting started in the new governor's term. 

One of the defining aspects of Newsom's position has been his public political feud with President Trump on a range of policies. 

Newsom will mark today's symbolic 100th day by unveiling his plan to lower prescription drug prices at an event in Los Angeles County