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Family Of Muslim Man Sues San Francisco Police For Fatal Shooting

Doug Sovern
December 06, 2018 - 3:11 pm

The grieving family of a young Muslim man killed by San Francisco police in a chaotic shootout last spring is suing the department in federal court.

Jehad Eid's parents accuse the cops of wrongful death and violating their 21-year-old son's civil rights in a lawsuit announced on Thursday.

The gun battle at the Amazon barbershop near the City's Crocker-Amazon neighborhood was captured by a video camera worn by one of the officers wounded in the shootout.

The altercation started when Eid's parents called police, saying he had a gun on March 21. Officers found him at the barbershop, where witnesses say he opened fire, prompting an exchange of gunfire from cops. Officers shot at Eid at least 12 times, according to the family's lawyer. 

Five people were injured in the shooting.

"The amount of force that was used in the situation was completely disproportionate to any threat or danger that Jehad posed," said attorney Dan Siegel, who represents Eid's parents. 

Eid's mother and other relatives sobbed throughout the news conference on the steps of San Francisco City Hall. His uncle, Eid Eid, said the family, originally from Jerusalem, has deep roots in the city and Jehad's mother still can't believe her son was killed by police.

“She’s so shocked. She’s so disoriented,” Eid Eid said. “Most of the family is still cries any time you mention his name.”

Police say Eid fired first and the city attorney is confident the San Francisco Police Department will be exonerated if the case goes to trial.

Written by Brian Krans.