Ina Rogers and Jonathan Allen

(Photo credit: Solano County Sheriff's Office)

Fairfield Mother Accused of Child Neglect, Speaks Out and Gives Tour of Home

Doug Sovern
May 15, 2018 - 9:29 am

FAIRFIELD (KCBS Radio) - Authorities in Fairfield will probably file more charges against a woman whose 10 children have been taken away because police believe they were tortured. But while she's out on bail, the children's mother took the extraordinary step of allowing a handful of reporters including KCBS Radio's Doug Sovern into the home police call a 'chamber of horrors'.

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Her husband, Jonathan Allen is being held on $5 million bail for felony torture and child abuse, but Ina Rogers insists there was no abuse and she let us into her home to try to prove it. What did we see inside... a mess that Rogers blames on the police search.

But there's feces all over the bathroom, the floor, the walls, the tub. The hallway is covered with scribbles and crayon and paint. The house is a chaotic jumble of possessions and the 10 children all shared one bedroom.

"I tried to split them up." Rogers said. "We'll put all the boys here, all the girls there and then they all ended up in one room. And so then I asked 'Wait, ya'll are sleeping together' and so when they were sleeping in one room a lot of kids would be on the floor and I was like 'no you guys got to be in your bed'."

Rogers said she had one bedroom, her husband another and the fourth was a meditation room where she home schooled the kids. But authorities say in fact her husband tortured them sadistically that at the very least Rogers neglected and endangered them.

"The living conditions were questionable. That's absolutely crazy." Rogers claimed.

She burst into tears at the thought of not seeing her children again. They've been placed with relatives.