Travis Allen, Republican Candidate For Governor

Confident Travis Allen Runs Hard From The Right For Governor

But GOP Assemblyman Faces Tough Fight To Make Top Two

Doug Sovern
May 26, 2018 - 5:00 am

You'd never know Travis Allen is in an uphill, six-way fight to advance past the June 5 primary in his campaign for governor of California.

"I'm Travis Allen, your next governor of California," says the smiling, confident Allen, exuding certainty that he's going to stun the pundits and claim Jerry Brown's office in November, never mind a spot in the top two in the primary.

Allen, a 44-year-old Republican Assemblyman representing Huntington Beach, says he is the true standard-bearer for the Trump revolution in California, even though President Trump has endorsed his Republican rival, businessman John Cox.

"He didn't even vote for President Trump. I did," Allen tells KCBS. He accuses the Republican establishment, personified by House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of Bakersfield, of being "bought off" by the millionaire Cox, a self-funding candidate. "They want someone who is older and wealthier and someone who is just very boring," Allen says of Cox and his GOP supporters. "This is the losing formula that has lost for decades now in California," likening Cox's candidacy to the failed bids by Meg Whitman and Neel Kashkari.

"I have a bold agenda for California," says Allen. "It's a five-point plan to take back our state. Cut taxes, starting with the repeal of the gas tax. Then cut all the other taxes in California. Getting tough on crime, fixing our roads with no new tax dollars, fixing our broken education system and completing the California state water project." Allen would also repeal state sanctuary laws and strengthen the border against illegal immigration.

Even though he didn't win Trump's endorsement, his campaign has much less money than those of his rivals, and the polls show him trailing, Allen is sure he'll be one of the top two finishers June 5. And, he says, there will be no hard feelings. "President Trump will be coming to California, but he'll be coming for Travis Allen."

You can hear our entire interview with Allen above, or listen to the segment that's airing on the radio, below/