A Concord shopkeeper released surveillance images of two adults who allegedly distracted him while a child stole a Legos set.

Pot of Gold Collectibles

Adults Used Child To Shoplift, Toy Store Owner Claims

Carrie Hodousek
August 06, 2019 - 9:39 am

The owner of a Concord toy store claims that two adults enlisted a child in their plot to steal from his shop. 

Tom Fitzsimmons, who owns Pot of Gold Collectibles, released surveillance footage on Monday that he says shows a man and woman who conspired to distract him while a boy stole a $180 Lego set last week. 

"This was a planned thing," he said. "They came in with the intent to steal."

The woman blocked Fitzsimmons view of the boy, he said while the man got his attention by pointing to a different area of the store. 

"To steal a toy, whether it be a cheap toy, an expensive toy, a $1 million toy, it makes no difference," Fitzsimmons said. "It's not what was stolen. It was how."

He hopes the culprits will be identified. 

The Concord police declined to comment, saying they haven't reviewed the case.