Michael Felch is seen in a Fremont police officers body camera before being fatally shot on April 18, 2019.

Fremont Police Department

Suspect Fatally Shot By Police At Hospital Wanted To Kill Cops: Authorities

Carrie Hodousek
April 26, 2019 - 2:06 pm

FREMONT — Fremont police have revealed more details regarding a deadly officer-involved shooting outside of Washington Hospital and released body camera footage of the encounter.

Police Chief Kimberly Peterson said the suspect, Michael Felch, said he wanted to kill cops and fired at an officer's patrol vehicle that drove near the hospital on April 18. 

“This is a case where our officers were victims of an armed subject who intentionally ambushed them and tried to kill them,” Peterson said at a press conference Friday.

Body camera video shows Felch, 30,  lying on the ground after he fired a handgun at officers around 10:52 p.m.. He was waving his arms, with the gun next to him before the officer whose car had been shot and two other cops fired their weapons. 

“All three stated they discharged their service weapons because they were in fear for their lives, the lives of their partners and the lives of the community members,” Peterson said.

Police say Felch fired as many as five rounds, but no one was hurt from those bullets.

Felch had a criminal history including battery of an officer, vandalism, as well as driving under the influence and drug possession.

“We can’t know exactly what was in his mind,” Peterson said. “His mother did say he was troubled, that possibly he had some mental health issues.”

Investigators are still working to find out where Felch got the handgun or what lead him to fire at police.

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