A BART police officer shot Lily, a 4-year-old bulldog, who had allegedly lunged aggressively at the Civic Center station on Aug. 9, 2019.

Courtesy of Brianna Beebee

Family Demands Answers After Beloved Dog Shot By BART Police

Carrie Hodousek
August 12, 2019 - 5:18 pm

A Bay Area family is speaking out after their beloved dog was euthanized after being shot by a BART police officer near the San Francisco Civic Center station on Friday.

“It’s just senseless to me,” says Brianna Beebee, whose brother Colby owned the dog.

Beebee said that her brother was walking the 4-year-old bulldog Lily when he stopped to help a woman who has having an asthma attack. 

BART police claim that an officer ordered Colby to move, because he and the dog were blocking the stairwell. The officer shot the dog because it was "aggressively lunging toward the officer," BART officials said.

A witness interviewed by KCBS Radio disputed BART's account of the encounter. 

Courtesy of Brianna Beebee

“Your dog’s going to protect you, that’s what they’re there for,” said Beebee, who is skeptical of BART’s account of the incident. "She didn’t charge at the officer, she did not attack the officer. That dog is around my daughter. That dog is harmless."

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Beebee said the family has tried to contact BART but their calls have not been returned.

“That was everything my brother had. She’s been there a lot for him and now she’s taken from him,” said Beebee. “There’s no reason for him to have pulled a gun on a dog. He has a Taser, he has pepper spray. I don’t get it.”

BART officials say they are reviewing video footage as part of their investigation into the incident and declined to comment further.