The remains of gray whale were found on a remote Pacifica beach on May 14, 2019.


Another Dead Whale Washes Ashore

Number of deaths is "already above what is normal for an entire year."

Carrie Hodousek
May 15, 2019 - 7:23 am

A dead whale was found washed ashore in Pacifica on Tuesday, making it the 10th time that the remains of a whale have been found in the Bay Area in two months. 

Calls came in to the Pacifica Police Tuesday regarding the body of the whale seen floating near a remote location in Pacifica State Beach.

"It's a pretty precarious location in town. It's a lot of rocks," said Capt. Chris Clements. "We wouldn't encourage anyone to go down there to try to get a closer look at it. It's a tough spot to reach."

Since March, nine other dead whales have washed ashore in the Bay Area — some have died from ship strikes, others from malnutrition.

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This period of mortality for whales could extend well into the summer months, said research biologist John Calambokidis. 

"We may be headed for a record year when all things are said and done, but this is already above what is normal for an entire year," said Calambokidis.

It’s unknown what caused the whale’s death. The Marine Mammal Center is waiting until the whale floats to the surf line near Linda Mar Beach to examine it.