State officials criticize a plan by the Trump administration to cut the Clean Car Standards.

Carrie Hodousek/ KCBS Radio

Cutting 'Clean Car Standards' Will Hurt Californians In Multiple Ways: Officials

Carrie Hodousek
October 28, 2018 - 9:04 pm

SACRAMENTO — State leaders are urging the Trump Administration to withdraw a proposal to eliminate the nationwide Clean Car Standards.

Trump's plan would destroy the American automobile industry, Gov. Jerry Brown said Friday at a press conference in Sacramento near the I-5 freeway. 

"This Trump administration attack on innovative vehicle technology jeopardizes the health of millions and will cost billions at the pump," said Brown. 

The Clean Car Standards should be preserved, Brown said, because they save the average consumer around $1,600 over the lifetime of a car or truck. 

There are benefits to public health too, according to state Attorney General Xavier Becerra who said they are expected to prevent 2,000 premature deaths and 50,000 cases of respiratory ailments while reducing asthma symptoms for 24 million Americans. 

California Air Resources Board Chair Mary Nichols said the Trump administration has not been interested in anything that might reflect a move toward more electric vehicles.

There are 21 other states seeking to maintain the current standards.