Inside An Empty Caldecott Tunnel

Caltrans inspects busy bore

Carrie Hodousek
June 21, 2019 - 8:04 am

INSIDE THE CALDECOTT TUNNEL — The vital connection between Oakland and Orinda that's used by thousands of drivers every day was unusually quiet earlier this week. 

Caltrans officials had shut one of the bores on Highway 24 on Wednesday night to allow for biannual inspections where crews change the lamps, clean out the drains, test the PA system and review the passages where people can exit safely during an emergency.

"This is a main artery into the Bay Area and out of the Bay Area," said Glenn Flemming, who works on Caltrans' structure maintenance and investigations team. 

The goal is "insuring that the infrastructure is in a safe condition for the traveling public and the commuters that use it on a regular basis," said Tony Taveres, Caltrans' director in Oakland.