Berkeley Cafe Has Robot Baristas

Carrie Hodousek
February 23, 2019 - 10:30 pm

BERKELEY — Everyone has heard about the future of driverless cars, but what about barista-less coffee shops? 

Bbox on UC-Berkeley's campus serves drinks and pastries through the tireless work of two robots. Bev. makes coffee and other drinks and Jarvis delivers pastries. 

The robots operate behind a glass panel. One mechanical arm selects cups and navigates an assembly line of dispensers to make food and drink orders.

They're touted as serving orders more quickly and cheaply than cafes with traditional staff, according to Greg Becker, the chief executive of Nourish Technology, the company behind Bbox. 

"How can we bring locally sourced food and drinks to as many people as possible," said Becker. "Everything from delicious almond milk lattes to iced americanos and orange juice"

Think of the Bbox cafe as the descendant of Mr. Coffee, the breakout automated coffee maker of the 1970s. 

Orders placed online get an "incredibly accurate" estimate of when their purchase will be ready, Becker said.