BART Police

BART Police (Photo credit: Sipa/USA)

BART Police Shoot Dog Near Civic Center Station

Witness tells KCBS Radio that the dog was not a threat

Carrie Hodousek
August 09, 2019 - 4:50 pm

SAN FRANCISCO,— A BART police officer shot and wounded a dog near San Francisco’s Civic Center station on Friday.

BART police told KCBS Radio the pit bull was not on a leash and aggressively lunged towards the officer, who fired his gun just after 1 p.m. The dog was wounded and has been taken for veterinary treatment.

Witness Christian Soto told KCBS Radio he saw the entire incident, which started when the dog was sitting with a homeless man near a stairwell.

“The BART officer just came at him in a bad way, screaming and yelling at him just to move from the stairs," said Soto. "So what’s the dog going to do? It’s gonna react, bark, protect the owner. So the officer got scared and just shot the dog.”

The dog was not a threat to anyone, according to Soto.

“I think it should have been handled in another way," said Soto. "The BART officer – I don’t think he was properly trained."

Authorities will review the shooting. Officials temporarily shut down Market Street and Muni service was interrupted.

This comes just one week after San Francisco police shot a dog just a few blocks away, near Market and Fifth streets. That investigation is songoing.