Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Ferris Wheel

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Closing Its Iconic Ferris Wheel After 60 Years

Bradford Hornsby
March 19, 2018 - 1:03 pm

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk has announced that their iconic Ferris Wheel is being retired. 

"After nearly 60 years (1959-2017) of faithful service, our Ferris Wheel is being retired." Read a post on the Boardwalk's Facebook Page, "We know many guests love the Ferris Wheel and we do too! We'll be looking at replacement options and will keep you posted."

The Ferris Wheel had been a staple of the Boardwalk since 1959, but its popularity had waned in recent years & those in charge feel it had a great run.

Don't run down to Santa Cruz for one more ride as the tubs have already been removed from the attraction. Hopefully, they will come up with an option that gives visitors the great views that the Ferris Wheel provided.