2 Local Restaurants Made The 2019 '31 Best Mexican Restaurants in America' List

Bradford Hornsby
June 19, 2019 - 10:32 am

The Bay Area has long been known for its great selection of Mexican cuisine like the famous La Taquería's Mission Burrito and the delectable vegi-friendly Gracias Madre

Thrillist has now released their 2019 list of the '31 Best Mexican Restaurants in America' and two other San Francisco restaurants made the list.

Cala on 149 Fell Street and Nopalito on 306 Broderick St and 1224 9th Ave were spotlit in the list. 

Of Cala, Thrillist said:

"Gabriela Cámara’s guisado-style taqueria by day, Mexican-style seafood restaurant by night is one of the freshest additions to the Mexican food scene in years. At Cala, taco options -- the homey, slow-cooked variety known as guisados -- and the seasonal, market-driven seafood dishes change daily. Quality, though, is unchanging. That goes from the trout tostadas topped a slice of avocado and a bramble of fried leeks to hefty, charred sweet potato accompanied by an inky, bone marrow-infused salsa negra."

Of Nopalito, Thrillist said:

"Sourcing from the surrounding Bay Area, the original Nopalito (est. 2009) and its newer outpost (est. 2012) stay true to the ideal of regionality in Mexican food. Each location maintains its own menu, so the Zacatecas-style birria de res, a grass-fed beef stew dark with ancho chile and roasted tomatoes, and the mighty, sandal-shaped huarache con suadero could be available at one spot but not at the other. You’ll just have to try your luck. Either way, you won’t be gambling on experience or delectability."

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