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3 Reasons A Luxury Rehab Center May Be Right For You

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May 22, 2018 - 12:00 am


By Gillian Burdett

Addiction recovery is hard work. Even those who are committed to getting clean and sober will have their strength and resolve tested by physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. A full recovery, a cure for addiction, goes beyond managing habits. To overcome addiction, you must root out the underlying causes and make peace with life events that drove you to seek relief with drugs.

A standard treatment program may get you through a medically managed detox and offer group therapy to address psychological and social problems. However, you may need something different, something more. A luxury rehab center offers these benefits:

 A Customized Treatment Program

The causes of your addition are unique to you, and you need an individualized program to address your unique needs. You may be facing problems and have not learned the coping skills needed to deal with them. You may have unresolved issues in your past that you need to face before you can throw off the yoke of addiction. You may hold a negative concept of yourself that strips away self-esteem and drives you to use. Underlying these may be a chemical imbalance that needs to be addressed. 

Standard treatment programs generally don’t have the resources to identify and correct these problems on an individualized level. The luxury rehabilitation centers offered by Passages Malibu are staffed with professionals dedicated to developing treatment programs aimed specifically at the individual needs of their clients.

 Multiple approaches to treatment

Your addiction has battered your body and turning that around requires a program that addresses the physical effects of substance abuse, your nutritional needs and the need for healthful physical activity. That is only part of the equation. Your mental and spiritual needs cannot be ignored. You are a whole person and recovery requires a holistic approach.

Standard treatment can offer support through group therapy, and this social aspect is a life-saver for many, but a luxury rehab center offers so much more by combining multiple therapies — physical fitness programs, chemical analysis, relaxation therapies and spiritual counseling. A high-end addiction treatment center can provide a program of comprehensive care to heal the whole person.

A Calm, Secure and Supportive Environment

You may have tried other programs that worked for a while. You may have the support of friends and family, but a cure, a real break from dependency, eludes you. You may have fallen off the horse and bravely climbed back on, only to fall again. It is disheartening when you open the door to treatment with strong resolve, yet can’t seem to make it last.

You may need the total immersion found at a luxury addiction treatment center. Beautiful surroundings, personal attention, security and calm can help erase the self-doubts and fears that keep you returning to comforting but unhealthy habits. The road to recovery is hard, but the amenities at luxury facilities will provide a measure of comfort as you battle through your addiction on the way to a cure.

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