Mike Tracy

Mike Tracy

Mike Tracy

Mon-Fri: 1 PM - 6 PM, Saturday: 11 AM - 5 PM

Mike has worked in Bay Area Radio for over 30 years. He also worked in New Orleans, LA and Santa Fe, NM radio markets.

He grew up in rural Santa Clara County in a home surrounded by apricot and walnut orchards. Mike spent his high school years working in an animal hospital with the intent of becoming a veterinarian someday.

In his early years, however, he developed a strong passion for sports. He spent many weekend days at Candlestick Park as a devoted Giants and 49ers fan. He frequently turned down the volume on televised games to provide his own play-by-play.

In college, he broadcast baseball games for the Foothill Owls out of Los Altos Hills and football for the East Bay Athletic League. He would break into commercial radio at KLIV in San Jose and KRVE in Los Gatos. Eventually, he was hired as an airborne traffic reporter for KCBS where he flew over the Bay Area reporting on traffic and news events. His career stretched from the mid-80’s into the 90’s before he found himself reporting news as a sidekick to Darian O’Toole on Big 98.1 and KSAN 107.7.

Mike continued to work in radio in various capacities through the years while he also pursued his acting goals in San Francisco community theatre. He would increase his range by studying voice acting at San Francisco’s Voice One under Elaine Clark. Eventually, Mike would circle back to KCBS where he once again has been providing his knowledgeable take on Bay Area traffic.

A long time San Francisco resident, Mike is raising a small family in the Richmond District. He enjoys scuba diving, tennis and exploring the rich diversity that is San Francisco.