Jon Bristow

Jon Bristow

Jon came to KCBS Radio in 2016 after spending more than 25 years at KGO Radio as an award-winning news anchor and reporter.

Born in Oakland, Jon has been fortunate enough to spend his entire radio career in the Bay Area. 

His first radio job came at age 17 at KZST in Santa Rosa, where the station manager took a chance on a kid just out of high school. While Jon knew he was ready, having honed his skills for years at home, it was his grandfather who continually urged him to send an audition tape to the station. He was hired as a DJ and the rest is history.

Jon graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in broadcast communication arts. He knew he had chosen the right career when, years later, he was in a Radio Shack store trying to get the attention of an employee who was busy stocking the shelves. After several futile attempts, the employee finally turned around, and, with a surprised look, said, “Oh, I’m sorry. I thought you were the radio!”

Jon’s passions include music and sports, attending both types of events when possible. He’s also told he’s an excellent karaoke singer.

Jon was voted into the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame in 2018.

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