Dave Fowkes

Mon-Fri: 5:30 AM - 9:30 AM

Dave has been in broadcasting for over 25 years. Traffic, sports, news, he has done it all at one point or another. Initially he broke into the industry looking to be a sports reporter. However, as radio has changed his passion became traffic, which has the biggest impact to the most people in the Bay Area.

He has broadcast traffic on several stations in the Bay Area and around Northern California from both the sky and the studio. He is honored now to be a part of the KCBS traffic team.

Always a sports fan, Dave has been a season ticket holder for Stanford football going back to John Elway. 49ers, Sharks, A’s, Warriors, he is always happy to talk sports in between those traffic hits.

A huge lover of dogs, Dave is between 4-legged companions now but that will not last forever. Dave also has a passion for friends, family, Hawaii, The Sierra and red wine.