Turn Your Holiday Gathering Into A Vacation Planning Meeting

Kim Wonderley
December 09, 2019 - 1:03 pm
A family eats a meal during the holidays.

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The holidays are a time for a gathering of the tribes. Whether that means friends or family or a mix of both, it's a great time to start brainstorming for your next great group travel adventure. Kim Wonderley explores that idea in this week's Road Report

The credit for this idea goes to AFAR.com, the online version of the travel magazine. It's such a fun idea, it warrants sharing.

Since so many families and close-knit circle of friends take yearly trips together, holiday gatherings are a great opportunity to discuss plans for the next vacation. You might want to circulate the idea beforehand to friends and relations, but what better place to brainstorm than when you're all together, face to face?

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After the holiday dinner, you can start circulating the travel brochures or open up the tablets with bookmarked destinations and see which ideas are garnering the most excitement. Is French Polynesia a shared dream? Or are their family ties in Italy that have never been explored? Or why have we been putting off going back to New Orleans?  Give it some thought beforehand and come up with a cross section of great destinations from the easily attainable to the more exotic.   

Now, make sure you're being inclusive when it comes to the destinations and the type of travel you're pitching. If there are less ambulatory guests, obviously, more strenuous, active trips are not going to fly. You're going to need a consensus to make any trip work. If you want to plan your trip around  someone's special event, you can make that person the tie breaker if you all don't agree. Maybe the trip will be celebrating that friend or family member hitting a landmark birthday or a couple celebrating a milestone anniversary. 

Also, consider bringing a travel agent or a tour operator aboard, unless you're the type that loves doing all the legwork and organizing. Travel agents can be worth their weight in gold should anything go wrong. Plus, there are inevitably a ton of questions involved and it would be nice to leave that bit to the professionals.