Two Boys Shot Dead At Union City Elementary School Lot

Holly Quan
November 25, 2019 - 10:36 am
Police lights on Patrol Car

Getty Images/Alex_Schmidt


(KCBS Radio) — Two boys, aged 11 and 14, were shot and killed over the weekend as they sat in a van parked at Searles Elementary School in Union City.

On Monday morning, candles and flowers lined the area where the boys were killed

Police are still searching for a suspect, as well as a motive.

Union City Police Lieutenant Steve Mendez told KCBS Radio that no one knows what the boys were doing in a parked van at 1:30 a.m. Saturday, but police are certain the children were not living in the van. 

"It's a pretty secluded little parking lot, especially at night, right in the middle of a residential neighborhood," he said. "There is security video, but it's not really showing much, again because it's very dark. That parking lot at night is not very well lit."

Neighbors were shocked to hear gunfire ring out in what is usually a quiet neighborhood.

"The Decoto District, where this occurred, is very close-knit," Mendez said. "I grew up there myself, and still know a lot of people there. This type of event really brings people together, unfortunately in a bad way, but it shows we all care and that we're trying to do something."

Violence is rare in the area, and in Union City as a whole, according to Mendez. 

"These are the first two homicides of the year, for us," he said. "The last homicide in the neighborhood, in that area, was in 2015. We don't have that much of anything like this occurring. Our last actual homicide in Union City that was not in the Decoto District was in 2018."

There are no classes this week because of the Thanksgiving holiday, but New Haven Unified School District officials are meeting to figure out how best to support students when they return to school. 

The district superintendent has confirmed that one of the boys was a student in the district, while the other was a former student. Their identities have not been released.