Tesla Launching All Electric Pickup “Cybertruck”

Jennifer Hodges
November 21, 2019 - 3:12 pm
Teaser image for Tesla's upcoming Cybertruck pickup

Elon Musk

Tesla will unveil its long-anticipated all-electric pickup truck, the “Cybertruck” at an event in Los Angeles Thursday night.

CEO Elon Musk says the truck will have a starting price below $50,000 with a range of 400-500 miles and an eye-popping maximum towing capacity of 300,000 pounds.

By comparison, the industry leading Ford F-150 can tow up to 13,000 pounds.

Because of that electric motor they have instant torque, so the torque really is helpful in the towing,” said Tim Higgins, tech and autos reporter for the Wall Street Journal. “The challenge however is that it eats up a lot of energy and that can cut into the range.

"Just towing something is one of the challenges but then, can you continue to go the distance," Higgins said. "Especially in mountain regions where you’re towing something, it can be really energy consuming.”

How Tesla navigates that trade-off is just one of the many questions that analysts and reporters are hoping will be answered at the unveiling.

Musk first floated the idea of a Tesla pickup truck six years ago but has given few hints since as to the truck’s performance, features and even appearance, although he has said the design was heavily influenced by the film “Blade Runner.”

Analysts are also waiting to see if the launch will help Tesla expand to a new market, or rely on its main audience of coastal, affluent consumers. 

“We’ve seen in recent years, and really the last generation or so, pickups have become essentially premium or luxury vehicles for those people who are maybe suburban cowboys or weekend warriors who like the ability to haul things but also just like the creature comforts of leather seats and big screens,” said Higgins.