Strip Club, Sex Workers March Against Racial Injustices

KCBS Radio Weekend News
June 15, 2020 - 4:00 am

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    Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, workers in the strip club and sex industry gathered at a landmark San Francisco venue to shed light on what they call a culture of racism in the industry.

    Organizer Aliyah, who works professionally under the name "Vixen," told KCBS Radio's Mike DeWald the underground industry is plagued by issues of segregation.

    "Whichever club is predominantly ethnic is considered the 'black club' or the 'sketchy club' as they like to call it," said Aliyah. "The white clubs are more corporate and upscale and advertised as glamorous."

    Sex workers in San Francisco march against racism in the industry.
    Mike DeWald/KCBS Radio

    With the experience working in clubs across the country, she believes many owners discriminate on both hiring and scheduling in their clubs.

    "Day shift is treated like the reject shift and night shift is like prime time," said Aliyah. "If they do hire black women, they usually will put you on day shift because there's less traffic and they're not worried about you scaring away their top clientele with your blackness."

    The march began at San Francisco's historic Condor Club on Broadway St. in North Beach, the first prominent strip club venue in the city.

    About 100 workers participated.

    Organizer Aliyah holds her sign as part of the march Sunday.
    Mike DeWald/KCBS Radio