Popular Pub Caught Disregarding Shelter In Place Order

Tim Ryan
March 20, 2020 - 1:08 pm
St. James Gate pub in Belmont was seen serving food and drink in its barroom despite a statewide shelter in place order.

Tim Ryan/KCBS Radio

A popular pub on the Peninsula was still serving food and alcohol to patrons despite recent orders to shut down to contain the coronavirus outbreak.

St. James Gate in Belmont was flouting the shelter-in-place rules Thursday during multiple visits by a KCBS Radio reporter. 

Customers were seen drinking beer and eating at the bar. 

San Mateo County had instituted a shelter-in-place policy on Tuesday..

Businesses that are deemed to be "essential" may remain open. They include supermarkets, pharmacies, hardware stores, medical offices and more. 

Restaurants are permitted to provide take-out and delivery, but they were told shut their dining rooms. Gathering places, like bars, movie theaters and gyms are considered non-essential. 

St. James Gate in Belmont continued serving beer and food in its barroom on March 20, 2020 despite the statewide shelter in place order.
Tim Ryan/KCBS Radio

Doug Mottera, the owner of St. James Gate,  told KCBS Radio that they were only serving to-go meals, but that customers were welcome to have a drink while they waited for the orders to be prepared. 

But the same group of day drinkers was still at the bar 25 minutes later, reporter Tim Ryan said. 

One of those customers was eating from a container. He quickly hurried out when approached by a reporter and said he was just taking a bite before leaving  with his meal.