Six Foot Circles Painted At Dolores Park To Ensure Social Distancing

Megan Goldsby
May 22, 2020 - 8:56 pm

    It looks a bit like aliens landed in San Francisco’s Dolores Park, with perfect six-foot circles painted all across the flat section of the popular hang out. Park-goers believe the circles will work at promoting social distancing, even over the warm holiday weekend ahead.

    “I’ve lived in New York for a while and Domino Park in Brooklyn was the first to have done this,” said park-goer Anna, “seeing that on social media, and then San Francisco to follow, I was like oh my gosh is this the new thing for parks where everyone has their own little circle pod?”

    It is, for now, but will people follow the rules over the long and warm weekend?

    “I do, I think that people want to know what six feet looks like and when we’re given those indicators, we’re going to follow that rule,”  said her friend Lauren, “I think on the other side of the park, where you don’t have the circles, you’ll notice people gathering in different proximities. It’s really unclear.”

    The circles don’t go up the sloping part of the park, but in the circle zone there was agreement that people were staying put in their circles. The question still remains as to who will the ones sharing the small spaces.

    “I think they will stay inside the circle, I think who is inside the circle with them will be the question.” said Anna.