SF Supervisor Questions Feds' Decision To Pull Bayview Funds

Jeffrey Schaub
May 25, 2020 - 9:11 pm

    A member of San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors wonders whether the Trump Administration is playing politics by reversing course and denying the use of a highway underpass to create a homeless navigation center. The facility was planned for a plot of land that sits under a section of Interstate 280 in the Bayview District. The 200-bed navigation center, one of several planned for the city and across the state.

    Federal transportation officials gave it their blessing, but then reversed the decision, saying because the feds originally paid for the highway the city is not entitled to build the shelter there.

    San Francisco Supervisor Shamann Walton, whose district includes the Bayview, says it’s rare for the federal government to get involved with a local project of this type.

    “This is something that I don’t really understand,” said Walton, “I don’t know if it’s Trump’s way of trying to punish San Francisco because our values are stronger and different than what he believes, I really don’t know if this is a game he’s trying to play.”

    On a larger scale, Governor Gavin Newsom has set aside hundreds of other state-owned properties - mostly empty CalTrans land - to create shelters. Both the city and CalTrans oppose the federal government’s move, and are working to have it overturned again.