Santa Clara County Sees "Worrisome" Increase In Cases

Holly Quan
June 24, 2020 - 10:16 am

    "Worrisome" is how Santa Clara County's health officer describes the acceleration of case numbers in the weeks after opening up businesses and workplaces. 

    Dr. Sara Cody briefed county supervisors Tuesday, saying the cases numbers are increasing as predicted after the county reopened retail, restaurants and some work sites.

    "We had 122 cases reported to us through the state reporting system, which is the second largest number of cases we’ve ever had in a single day since the coronavirus pandemic began," Dr. Cody said.

    In the last month, 89 work sites reported at least one COVID-19 case and 38% of those were tied to construction, one of the first sectors to reopen with strict safety protocols. Cases started accelerating eight days after construction sites were allowed to reopen. 

    One week ago, cases in Santa Clara County were flat, but Dr. Cody now says the county is on the state’s watch list, with more patients needed hospital treatment. 

    "COVID-19 is like a wildfire," Dr. Cody explained. "Once COVID transmission starts to accelerate it is very very difficult to contain and slow down. And I think that’s what we’re seeing in parts of the country."

    It has been three weeks since the county opened indoor retail and outdoor dining, and has been one of the slowest in the Bay Area to allow other services to reopen.