San Jose Neighbors Save Christmas For Family After Thieves Loot Yard

Keith Menconi
November 27, 2019 - 10:28 am
A San Jose neighborhood saves the day for Lynn Jimenez and her son Chris after their holiday yard display was hit by thieves.

KCBS Radio/Keith Menconi

SAN JOSE  (KCBS Radio) - A group of neighbors in San Jose has come through in a big way for a family whose home was recently hit by Grinch-style thieves.

Every year, Shelly Jimenez goes all out in the weeks leading up to Christmas to create extravagant holiday displays in her front yard.

She makes the effort for her son Chris, who is homebound and has a terminal lung disease. The young man derives a lot of joy from the colorful decorations. 

Lynn Jimenez and her son Chris. The family's  faith in humanity was recently restored, after their neighbors started a Go Fund Me campaign to replace their stolen holiday yard display.
KCBS Radio/Keith Menconi

But this year, it all seemed for naught, when Jimenez woke up one morning to discover that most of her display had been stolen in the night. 

"I went outside and I started crying," she said. 

But the despair Jimenez felt turned to joy after her neighbors got involved, setting up a GoFundMe campaign to help replace the decorations that had been lost. 

She was reluctant to accept their help, but they changed her mind, telling her that the thieves' actions hurt not just her, but them as well.

The story spread and donations began pouring in from far and wide. The help people gave left Jimenez stunned - and deeply touched. 

"I can't believe that strangers were willing to make sure Chris has a beautiful display in front of the yard," she said. "I had no idea that it would have grown as large as it did."

The campaign raised nearly $4,000 — a lot more than what Jimenez needed to replace what was lost. She's now planning to spend the extra on decorating the whole neighborhood. 

"That way, I can put Chris in his wheelchair and wheel him up and down the street, not just in front of my house," she said.