San Francisco's Iconic Ghirardelli Sign Gets Makeover

Carrie Hodousek
July 01, 2020 - 3:25 pm

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    If you’re walking by San Francisco’s famous Ghirardelli Square, you may notice something different.

    The iconic Ghirardelli sign will be removed for reconstruction over the next few months.

    Workers are beginning to remove each letter of the famous sign this week. But don’t worry, the sign that illuminates the former chocolate factory turned retail space near Fisherman’s Wharf will be back and brighter than ever.

    Josh Callahan, director of West Coast Asset Management with Jamestown Properties - which owns the space - told KCBS Radio they’re working to install new LED lights.

    "It will be exactly the same size with the same light pattern, but it will be more energy efficient," Callahan said. "One of the other fun pieces of that is we’ll have the ability to program the bulbs and change the colors, similar to lights at (San Francisco) City Hall."

    The sign has shined over the waterfront for more than century.

    That’s why Callahan believes it’s important to preserve its history.

    "Exactly the same dimensions, (we) even have the exact same number of light bulbs in each letter," Callahan said. "So, when you see the new sign, you might not notice any difference. That’s how closely we’re trying to match each letter."

    It’s been about 60 years since any updates were made.

    The restored sign will likely be unveiled this September.