Marshland Restoration Near Crissy Field Will Cause Months Of Detours

Carrie Hodousek
December 02, 2019 - 3:06 pm
Mason Street at San Francisco's Crissy Field closes for six months to allow for new marshland

Carrie Hodousek / KCBS Radio


A section of Mason Street near San Francisco’s Crissy Field has closed for six months to create marshland.

The closure will allow crews to revive an old stream that is currently covered by concrete. They will install culverts under a section of the road just east of Halleck Street to allow fresh water to flow from the Tennessee Hollow watershed and mingle with the salt water of the San Francisco Bay, creating the habitat that will be known as Quartermaster Reach.

“This is a really wonderful opportunity for us to restore seven acres of marsh,” said Dana Polk, spokeswoman for the Presidio Trust, which manages the park.

“It’ll be a new natural resource for visitors to enjoy,” said Polk. “There’ll be trails, they’ll be able to restore some of the native plants and vegetation that was there.” That includes marsh plants as well as frogs, fish, salamanders, birds and the native Olympic oyster.

Access to West Crissy Field will remain open as will all of the businesses and attractions in the area. But pedestrians, cyclists and drivers will have to take detours and should account for extra travel time.

Drivers will be rerouted up Girard Road and onto Halleck Street before continuing on Mason Street. The PresidiGo shuttle will continue to run and drop riders off at West Beach, but stops at Crissy Field Center, Girard Road and the Presidio Community YMCA will be closed. A new stop will be added on Halleck Street and Mason.

When the project is completed in 2020 it will include a raised bridge which visitors can use to walk the 1.2 mile watershed from the bay through the park.