Protesters Peacefully Rally for Black Lives Matter Kneel-In

Margie Shafer
June 01, 2020 - 6:41 pm

    A two-and-a-half hour midday Black Lives Matter demonstration was filled with dancing, powerful words, prayer and even silence as the crowd of about a thousand people took a knee.

    It was a contrast to the broken windows and rioting of recent nights, as people danced united in the streets in front of San Francisco City Hall. The message—of upset over the death of George Floyd and the deaths of other Black people by law enforcement—was delivered a peaceful way. 

    Mayor London Breed first took a knee for a moment of silence with the crowd, and then a warning to people who are distorting the narrative. 

    “For those of you who are using this movement as a way to push violence to go after other Black people, to tear us down, we will not tolerate that,” she said to the crowd. “Don’t get it twisted: I am the mayor, but I am a black woman first.”

    Actor and singer Jamie Foxx also took to the podium wearing a black hoodie that said, “Busy Making My Ancestors Proud.” He said that even after protests die down, work will need to be done.

    “What I want to say about my Hollywood friends: you gotta get out here,” he said. “You gotta come out here, you can’t sit back, you can’t tweet, you can’t text. You gotta get out here.”

    People lined the steps of City Hall with posters featuring pictures of Black men and women who have died at the hands of police. Free masks were handed out for those without during this COVID-19 pandemic.