Police Investigate 'Senseless' Shooting Death Of Young Boy In The Bayview

Carrie Hodousek
July 06, 2020 - 1:02 pm

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    As San Francisco Police search for a suspect in connection with the fatal shooting of a six-year-old boy this past weekend, firefighters are coping with the divesting loss.

    Some calls are more intense than others.

    For San Francisco Firefighters, the call that a young boy was shot in the Bayview on Fourth of July is one they hoped they never had to answer.

    "When things happen on the Fourth of July, it’s compounded by the fact that fireworks are going off really loudly the entire time just adding to the chaos," San Francisco Fire Battalion Chief Michael Thompson said.

    He was there when they rushed Jace Young to the hospital, where he later died after being shot in the chest. The boy was at a friend’s house watching fireworks Saturday night.

    "It’s traumatic," Thompson told KCBS Radio. "We all have those incidents that stick with you and it is definitely one of those, just little snapshots that you have."

    Thompson, who’s a father himself, said he can only imagine the pain the victim’s family is going through.

    "I have a six-year-old daughter," Thompson said. "Kid stuff gets to you. No family should have to go through this and we just wish them love and hope that they can continue on."

    So far, no arrests have been made.

    "Senseless violence like this that could so tragically claim the life of a small child is unacceptable in our City, and the San Francisco Police Department stands with the Bayview Hunter’s Point community in its determination to bring the perpetrator or perpetrators to justice,” San Francisco Police Chief William Scott said in a release Monday.

    Police are still working to identify a suspect.

    The family has set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for funeral expenses.