Pliny The Younger Sold In Bottles For First Time

Carrie Hodousek
February 06, 2020 - 4:16 pm

Russian River Brewing Company is bottling its annual Pliny the Younger release for the first time.

Natalie Cilurzo, co-owner of Russian River Brewing, said the decision to bottle the beer just made sense after brewing it for 16 years. 

"The time was right and it just felt like a good year to do it," she said. 

Pliny the Younger was released Friday at Russian River’s brewpubs in Santa Rosa and Windsor. 

Customers who wait in line to try the beer will be allowed to take home up to two bottles.

"It's just for our guests that come in for the full Russian River experience,” said Cilurzo. “We're not selling them in the gift shop and we're not selling them for distribution."

While in the pub, each visitor is limited to three 10 oz. pours or a stay of three hours to keep the line moving. 

Cilurzo said they won't bottle Younger year-round because it takes longer to brew and costs more to make.

"It takes five weeks to make it, where as Pliny the Elder takes three weeks to make," she said. "It's the most expensive beer we make because of the ingredients."

Russian River first released Pliny the Younger in 2005 as a compliment to Pliny the Elder. Since then, people from all over the world have traveled to Sonoma County to try it.

"We saw people from over 40 different states and about 17 different countries," Cilurzo said. "It's a great excuse to come to California in the dead of winter. What's not to like about drinking good beer?"

Anyone who can't make it to Santa Rosa or Windsor still has a chance to taste Younger at various events during San Francisco Beer Week, although the bottled version will not be available.