Critical Injuries At All-Time High For SF Pedestrians

All News KCBS Radio
September 17, 2019 - 3:13 pm

Tim Ryan


The number of pedestrians who were critically injured in collisions is at an all-time high in San Francisco. 

There were 55 people on foot who were gravely hurt in crashes with cars in 2018, according to recently released figures from the Department of Public Health. 

It's the highest total since city officials announced in 2014 a goal of eliminating traffic fatalities. It's also a steep increase from 2017, when there were 34 such injuries. 

Since January, there have been 22 deaths in traffic collisions in San Francisco, making it likely that 2019 will be one of the most dangerous yet. 

Supervisor Norman Yee said that people seem to be more hurried, which could be a factor in the uptick in serious collisions. 

"Getting from one place to another makes people even more impatient," he said to KCBS Radio.

Yee was once struck by a car while crossing a street and still has titanium rods in his neck from the injuries he sustained. 

To make the city safer for pedestrians, crosswalks could be engineered differently. Supervisor Matt Haney recently called for banning cars on some of the Tenderloin's busiest and most dangerous streets while others have said congestion pricing — charging drivers a fee to enter certain areas — would reduce traffic and, by extension, make it easier for pedestrians to maneuver/ 

Reporting by Jim Taylor.