Oakland Zoo Takes Step Toward Sustainability

Matt Bigler
February 13, 2020 - 2:10 pm
Oakland Zoo Replaces Plastic Food Containers

Matt Bigler / KCBS Radio


The Oakland Zoo has announced it will get rid of all single-use plastic containers in its stores and cafes, in an effort to become more environmentally-friendly.

Dr. Joel Parrot, president and CEO of the zoo, said that instead, it will replace all plastic food and beverage containers with aluminum.

“The Oakland Zoo stands for protecting wildlife,” Parrot said. “We really feel like we need to get out in front of it and demonstrate how we can reduce the use of plastic in our environment.”

Parrot said the new products will be 100% recyclable, unlike most plastics, which ultimately end up in the oceans and hurting marine wildlife.

The Oakland Zoo is the first major zoo to take such a step in sustainability.

While aluminum usually costs more than plastic, the zoo said the prices for bottled drinks will remain the same.