Oakland A's Howard Terminal Stadium Project Sparks Protest

Keith Menconi
August 01, 2020 - 3:43 pm

    The Oakland A’s planned stadium project at Howard Terminal is once again stirring protest, in the form of a rally and car caravan that set off from the Oakland Coliseum Saturday morning.  

    Trent Willis, President of the International Warehouse Longshore Union, warned rows of parked demonstrators that he believes the proposed stadium would disrupt operations at the Port of Oakland and drive out high paying port jobs. 

    Protesters started at the Oakland Coliseum to raise against the A's planned stadium at Howard Terminal
    Keith Menconi/KCBS Radio

    “It’ll provide low paying, low wage, minimum wage paying jobs, with no benefits and no union representation,” Willis said to the crowd.

    In response to the protest, Oakland A’s Team President Dave Kaval pointed to two studies that found the Port would not be impacted by the new stadium.  

    “Due to its small size, and kind of shallow girth in that area, it really has little to no impact on the Port’s use or viability,” Kaval told KCBS Radio. 

    The Oakland City Council will vote next year on whether or not the project will move forward. 

    The rallygoers proposed leaving the A’s stadium where it is