Stay-At-Home Order Issued For All Of California

All News KCBS Radio
March 19, 2020 - 6:47 pm

Gov. Gavin Newsom imposed a stay-at-home order to cover the entire state of California in the latest attempt to contain the coronavirus outbreak that endangers public health around the world. 

Beginning at midnight, the roughly 40 million residents of the country's most populous state must stay out of public and avoid coming into contact with others, Newsom said Thursday evening. 

All non-essential travel will be prohibited. 

"Home isolation is not my preferred choice. I know it's not yours," Newsom said. "But it's a necessary one."

Newsom did not say how long the shelter-in-place command would remain in place. It's also unclear how rigidly the order will be enforced.

As many as 56% of Californians could become infected over an eight-week period, Newsom said in a letter to President Trump that was revealed earlier Thursday.

If current models hold true, there could be a shortage of 10,000 hospital beds in the state, Newsom said. 

"This is not a permanent state. This is a moment in time, and we will meet this moment together," Newsom said in his press conference, which was streamed online

There were more than 1,000 coronavirus cases in the state with 463 recorded in the Bay Area. 

The nine counties in the Bay Area had previously told their residents to shelter in place until April 7.