BART Eyes Ballot Measure to Pay for Second Transbay Tube

Jeffrey Schaub
October 01, 2019 - 12:05 pm

BART has, for some time now, wanted to build a second way for trains to get across or under the San Francisco Bay to meet the demands of growing ridership. But they haven't had the money.

Now, they believe a proposed $100 billion dollar Bay Area-wide tax could pay for it. They’re calling it Faster Bay Area. 

It’s an idea gaining steam among transportation agencies and civic groups. 

It would involve putting a tax on the November 2020 ballot, asking voters to fund an array of transportation projects over the next 20 years. 

BART officials believe they could build a second tube or bridge to shuttle trains across or under the Bay with a chunk of that money. The second crossing could be constructed to include tracks for Amtrak or Caltrain. 

BART Board President Bevan Dufty says the BART tube will reach capacity in 20 years. 

“We’re also looking at where is this second crossing going to go,” he told KCBS. “We’ve also had huge growth in the Mission Bay area. It would be great to connect BART with the Transbay Terminal, which we don’t currently have.”

Dufty says the price tag could run up to $15 billion.