Napa Restaurants Close As County Becomes Latest Added To Governor's Watch List

Megan Goldsby
July 09, 2020 - 6:38 pm

    Due to rising coronavirus cases, Napa is the latest Bay Area county to be added to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s watch list, which means bars and breweries must close and restaurants must stop serving indoors.The move has left some owners with extra food, and re-hired employees with nothing to do. 

    Angele restaurant features a large patio on the Napa River. And now when General manager Kellie Mitchell Jacks answers the phone for reservations, she tells diners that is exactly where they will have to sit. Jacks said it gets chilly outdoors at night, but putting the shivering diners aside, she knows they’re lucky.

    "For many of the restaurants in Napa, what  does do is limit their dining completely," Jacks said. "If not, take away any dining that they had."

    Jacks said she knows of restaurants where the rehired staff has already been let go again. Up main street, Sean O’Toole, chef-proprietor of Torc restaurant in Napa, was asked if he had ordered more food because of the indoor tables.

    "Yes, of course," O’Toole said. "Business levels are definitely down."

    O’Toole also put a lot of money into plexiglass dividers for the open kitchen and at the host stand, in a now-empty restaurant. But O’Toole said he is taking everything in stride.

    "There are worse things going on in the world right now than to be worrying about something like this," O’Toole said.