Motorcycle Driver Injuries Rose Dramatically in 2018

Jeffrey Schaub
August 26, 2019 - 4:06 pm
Motorcyclist on California Freeway

David McNew / Getty

Motorcycle crashes are on the rise, including three on Monday morning. The California Highway Patrol is urging both drivers of cars and trucks and motorcyclists to take great care when sharing the road.

In 2016, 537 motorcyclists died on California roadways, while 12,000 were injured, according to CHP spokesperson Officer John Fransen.

“As traffic gets worse, with everyone back in school, the weather is nice, people who have motorcycles like to try and save the money on gas,” said KCBS Radio traffic reporter Dave Fowkes.

The vast majority of motorcyclists lane split, or drive in between vehicles on the highway.

“Lane splitting is legal, unfortunately, it is very dangerous,” says Fowkes. “So, the more we see that, you get more accidents, and when an accident involves a motorcycle, it doesn’t usually go well.”

Fransen agrees, saying, “Motorcyclists, they need to understand that’s the risk of lane splitting.”

He says that safety awareness not only relies on bikers, but everybody else on the road, as well. He encourages drivers to be aware of motorcycle riders approaching them, and that it’s critical for those on bikes to maintain a safe speed.

“We definitely encourage motorists, to kind of give [motorcycle riders> a little extra room,” Fransen said.