Supporters Show Up To Block 'Moms' Eviction

Holly Quan
January 13, 2020 - 2:50 pm
Supporters of Moms 4 Housing showed up to block the looming eviction of a group of women and their children who have resided illegally in the Oakland house for weeks.

Holly Quan/KCBS Radio

Supporters amassed Monday outside of a West Oakland house to block the potential eviction of five women and their children who have occupied the property for weeks. 

A judge ordered the women, members of the Moms 4 Housing group, to leave the Magnolia Street house within five business days. 

Members of the crowd linked arms to block the entrance and chanted during the demonstration. "Who's house? Moms' house," they yelled. 

At least 100 people stood outside the house, which is now decorated with signs that says "Housing 4 All."

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"We are prepared to not leave. We won't resist, but we will practice nonviolence, civil disobedience," said Dominique Walker, one of the moms. "This is the new civil rights movement."

The house is owned by Wedgewood, a Southern California investment group, which wants to flip the property. It was first taken over by some of the women and their children in November. 

Faced with opposition, the Alameda County Sheriff's Department has said it hopes to avoid a confrontation as it carries out the eviction sometime this week. 

"You always want children to feel safe, especially when they see law enforcement. We're not looking for conflict like that, so the children are a priority," said Sgt. Ray Kelly, a sheriff's department spokesman. "The moms are a priority as well as the community members."

However, he added that, "We will do our jobs. We're hoping that the moms will understand that they are putting us in a tough position and that the time has come for them to move their momentum in a different direction."

Moms 4 Housing has said it wants to purchase the house from Wedgewood. The investment group has offered to pay for two months of shelter to the families while they find permanent housing elsewhere.