McClymonds High School Moves Classes To Avoid Toxic Risk

Jeffrey Schaub
February 24, 2020 - 1:52 pm
Authorities suddenly shut McClymonds High School in Oakland on Feb. 20, 2020 after the discovery of a toxic chemical in groundwater.

Margie Shafer/KCBS Radio

Oakland's McClymonds High School officials told parents during a meeting Monday that children will report to other school campuses beginning tomorrow while the school awaits final test results after a toxic chemical was found in the campus’s groundwater.

But many parents still have questions about how students will continue in their educational process.

“I have a senior there, so I’m confused,” said Tamara Brooks, who attended the meeting. “We’d ask them a question and they wouldn’t even have the answer to it.”

The discovery of trichloroethylene was announced Friday.

Oakland Unified School District leaders said the final results of chemical samples taken this weekend will not be ready until the end of this week.

“There’s no doubt that you provide information like this, especially about something as important as children’s health, it’s going to bring up a lot of questions,” said district spokesperson John Sasaki. “Certainly we’re doing everything we can, along with the city, the county and the state to answer all their questions.”

Beginning Tuesday, officials said students must report to other schools as follows: 9th graders to Ralph Bunche Academy, 10th and 11th graders to West Oakland Middle School and seniors to Westlake Middle School.

Sasaki said classwork deadlines will be extended.

Preliminary air tests found no evidence of the substance elsewhere at the campus.