Mayor London Breed Visits SF Zoo In Preparation For Reopening Next Week

Kathy Novak
June 25, 2020 - 3:42 pm

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    Backed by giraffes, Mayor London Breed confirmed Thursday that after being closed for months because of the coronavirus pandemic, more San Francisco businesses will be permitted to reopen Monday, including the zoo.

    San Francisco was awaiting approval from the state before pushing forward with its plan, which allows for the zoo, museums, hair salons, nail salons, tattoo parlors, outdoor bars and outdoor swimming to reopen. 

    Mayor Breed toured the San Francisco Zoo and Gardens, alongside Board President Norman Yee and members of the San Francisco Zoological Society, to observe the zoo’s modified operations and layout in accordance with public health orders and reopening guidelines. 

    "It’s why we are seeing lower numbers here in San Francisco, for the number of cases," Mayor Breed said. "And as we see the numbers increase in the state of California, we still see San Francisco doing ok."

    A marker explains distancing requirements at the San Francisco Zoo.
    Kathy Novak/KCBS Radio

    To help slow the spread of the coronavirus, the businesses will be taking required precautions. At the zoo, that means buying tickets online, in advance, for a specific time period, as well as practicing social distancing and wearing a face covering. 

    "The only way that we can continue to allow these businesses to remain open and available to San Franciscans, is if we don’t see a spike in numbers," Breed said. "If we see a spike in the numbers it will require us to make a different decision in future."

    CEO Tanya Petersen said the zoo is safe to visit because it is a 100 acre outdoor park, where the coronavirus doesn't spread as easily.  

    "We are one of the only zoos on a coastline, so one of our boundaries is open space as far as the eye can see," Petersen said. 

    Zoo members get first access on Monday and Tuesday. The attraction will be open to the general public starting Wednesday.