A Look Inside the 2019 Napa Valley Film Festival

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November 15, 2019 - 3:01 pm
Napa Valley Film Festival

Jim Taylor/ KCBS Radio

The 2019 Napa Valley Film Festival is underway, featuring 75 films from big Hollywood blockbusters to tiny documentaries shot on a shoestring.

The festival is in its ninth year, and showcases films that are unparalleled in variety in venues up and down the valley, paired with the finest wine and food Napa has to offer.

The menu also includes movies that sound amusing but are deadly serious, like Mike Arthur’s I, Pastafari, a film about Pastafarians, the million or so people who wear colanders on their heads.

 “One of the Pastafarians in the film says she wears a colander because it separates the important stuff from the not-so-important stuff, the pasta from the water,” Arthur told KCBS Radio.

Between the eating and drinking, a science fiction featurette, and a racism exposé is an absolute high drama in Here Awhile, written by Chuba Mara and directed by Tim True. It’s an agonizing story of a woman dying of cancer and choosing to end her life in her way.

“It’s an absolute human right to be able to make a decision about how your life ends,” Mara told KCBS Radio. “It should not be moderated by politics, or by religion, or by somebody else’s perspective. It’s a very personal issue.”

Celine Tsai stars as a student accused of cheating in Li Dong’s Stealing School, and tells KCBS Radio that life is all about telling stories.

“I feel like that is what life is, it’s just this construction of people’s stories around you and the story that you choose to identify with,” said Tsai.

The 2019 Napa Valley Film festival runs from November 13-November 17.

KCBS Radio's Jim Taylor reported this story.