Fire Danger Increasing This Weekend

High Temperatures And Wind Expected This Weekend

Margie Shafer
September 20, 2019 - 1:59 pm

Thomas Hawthorne, The Arizona Republic-USA TODAY N


(KCBS Radio) – High temperatures and winds this weekend will elevate the risk of a wildfire in Northern California, in spite of recent rains.

Temperatures this weekend are expected to get into the 90s in the inland areas with winds.

“The word is complacency. We cannot be complacent regardless of the rain that we had,” says CalFire spokesman Scott McClean. “We’re looking at a drying trend coming up this week regardless of what we’ve seen in the previous week with the rain… that’s gonna dry up our vegetation, especially our grasses and some of our brush, which will ignite very easily.”

The need to be alert is especially important as California enters peak fire season, despite the relatively moderate start to the year.

“Pay attention, keep your head on a swivel… all it takes is one spark,” says McClean, who urges residents to pay attention to ember casts and make sure not to leave any flammable material outside that could spark a blaze.