​'Racist' Campaign Billboard Won't Come Down, Candidate Says

Bob Butler
October 21, 2019 - 12:53 pm
San Francisco mayoral candidate Ellen Zhou has been criticized for displaying this billboard.

Bob Butler/KCBS Radio


San Francisco mayoral candidate Ellen Lee Zhou is under fire for campaign billboards that elected officials have compalained have racist imagery. 

The billboard, located on Dore and Howard Streets, depicts Mayor London Breed in a short, red dress, reclining while smoking a cigar and holding a wad of cash.

“This billboard reeks of the racist imagery against African Americans that were used during the Jim Crow era,” Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer said.

Assembly member David Chiu said the billboard comes right out of President Trump’s playbook.

“This mayoral candidate is a vowed supporter of Donald Trump,” Chiu said. “It’s not completely surprising but it’s incredibly disappointing.”

Zhou said she is a conservative and the billboard will stay.

"We put it out for people to think about whether the people wanted to go another four years with London Breed, where more homeless would be dying on the street," Zhou said.

“If you look at the picture, London Breed is counting the money that’s [in> her paycheck,” Zhou said. “A mayor makes $350,000 a year while people are dying.”

Former Supervisor Malia Cohen said the billboard is characteristic of Zhou's personality. 

“Ellen Zhou, who I have known for the last nine years and is not the most community-oriented, kind, generous person, has made statements to me personally that she had put this together,” Cohen said.