Curfews Kick In As Unrest Over George Floyd's Death Continues In Bay Area, Looting Resumes

KCBS Radio Overnight News
June 01, 2020 - 9:14 pm

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Updated 10:56 p.m.

We’re tracking unrest around the Bay Area as protests related to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the Black Lives Matter movement continues for a fourth straight night.

East Bay
We're getting word of confrontations between looters and police in Richmond. A Walmart near The Shops at Hilltop was reportedly looted. Police are now on the scene. 

There's reportedly been gunshots, possibly an officer-involved shooting.

KCBS Radio’s Tim Ryan is in downtown Oakland as Alameda County’s curfew has taken effect. Officials announced the curfew earlier Monday, after not enacting one over the weekend as other Bay Area cities did so. Oakland Police have declared Monday night's protest an "unlawful assembly," moving in to arrest those disobeying the curfew order.

Many left the event at that time.

Oakland Police began launching percussion grenades and tear gas into the crowd at 8th Street and Broadway at about 7:30 p.m. Several people were seen throwing the projectiles back at officers. Many people remain on the street in violation of the curfew and more than 100 arrests have already been made, with many protesters in custody waiting to be processed.

Protesters waiting to be processed by Oakland Police after curfew Monday night.
Tim Ryan/KCBS Radio

The arrests happened on Broadway near City Hall on various charges, including assault.

Michael Houston, an acitivist, shouted down police as protesters were being handcuffed and cited.

“Most improtantly, we’re fighting for our lives and you’ve come down here with your weapons, with your shields, tear gassing us," Houston said.

"Curfew went into effect, a group started throwing rocks and (water) bottles at our officers," Oakland Police Spokesperson Johnna Watson said. "We announced multiple times an unlawful assembly. We provided an avenue for them to leave. We want you to leave."

Watson added: “We absolutely cannot have the level of violence and damage that we’ve had in our city in the last five days. Public safety is number one."

By about 10 p.m., Ryan said that an Oakland Police helicopter was circling downtown announcing for everyone to stay indoors unless they want to face arrest tonight. Hundreds of law enforcement officers are on the streets in Oakland, many from departments outside of the Bay Area.

An estimated 15,000 people gathered Monday afternoon at Frank Ogawa Plaza in Oakland, marching from Oakland Technical High School. It was a calm, peaceful event.

A peaceful protest at Oakland's Frank Ogawa Plaza on Monday evening.
Tim Ryan/KCBS Radio

"I think all you have to do is turn on the news and see what’s going on throughout the East Bay and see that a lot of our cities and stores have been decimated by looting, vandalism and theft," Alameda County Sheriff’s Department Spokesman Ray Kelly said.

Kelly tells KCBS Radio huge numbers of looters are coming into Alameda County by way of the Central Valley from places like Stockton and Modesto.

"We have since been re-strategizing our operational plan with all of the different cities," Kelly said. "I think we have a great plan in place and moving forward."

During the day-time protest in Oakland Monday, reporter Katie Neilsen from KCBS Radio's partner KPIX 5 was arrested, then released.

Santa Rosa
Protests are on the move in Santa Rosa after Sunday night's demonstrations.

A curfew has gone into effect in the city.

A protest Monday night on the streets of Santa Rosa.
Mike DeWald/KCBS Radio

Santa Rosa Police say they continue "to monitor and assess the crowd that has remained after curfew." The group is estimated at about 200 people.

We got an update from KCBS Radio producer and web writer, Mike DeWald, around 10:30 p.m. He said protests seem to be reaching an end and that Monday's demonstrations seem to have a "different tone" to the night. Protests kicked off late afternoon around 5:00 p.m., with only one stand off between protest and police.

Protesters attempted to gain solidarity with police and tried to get them to take a knee, but it didn’t quite happen. Car caravans are now going through downtown Santa Rosa, and has been peaceful thus far. 

Walnut Creek
The city’s curfew went into effect at 6 p.m.

A few dozen protesters were staging a sit-in at Walnut Creek’s Civic Park at that time. A line of officers in riot gear moved in, deploying tear gas and engaging in a scuffle with protesters.

At least one person was arrested.

There was reported vandalism Monday in downtown Walnut Creek, which encountered widespread vandalism Sunday night. Some protesters blocked I-680 for a time before officers released tear gas and took those on the roadway into custody. For hours before that, a massive peaceful protest took place.

KCBS Radio’s Megan Goldsby and Carrie Hodousek were both hit with tear gas.

Police are confronting protesters in Sacramento again tonight, where an industrial building caught fire in the south part of the city, on its fourth night of protests.

Around 10:00 p.m., fire officials said the fire has spread to a grassy field and are now calling for evacuations.

Police are also facing off with protesters at Ninth and I Streets downtown near the state capital.

Governor Gavin Newsom's administration ordered all state government offices closed for everyone's safety on Sunday.

Reports came in around 10:30 p.m. about looters crashing a cherry picker into the entrance doors of the Solano Mall Best Buy.

Video from the KCRA news helicopter shows that police are on the scene now. It appears that the cherry picker's crane was lowered and used as a battering ram to smash open the doors of the electronic store. 

Looters have reportedly ransacked the Best Buy and various other stores at Solano Mall, but the damage has yet to be assessed fully.

Police have closed off the at least three freeway exits that give drivers access to the mall. 

There has been no confirmation that this is in connection with the George Floyd protests.

This is a developing story. Please check back for updates.